Yantao Li, (Ph.D., Associate Professor at College of Computer and Informatoin, Southwest University, China)

David Nguyen, (Ph.D. Candidate at Department of Computer Science, College of William and Mary, USA)

Yinghuan Shi, (Ph.D., Assistant Researcher at Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University, China)
Bo Dai, (Ph.D. Candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Xiaojun Zhu, (Ph.D., Assistant Professor at College of Computer Science and Technology in NUAA, China)
Android Source Code Analysis - A Chinese blog series aims to give a comprehensive understanding of the whole Android system. It is  the best reading materials for Android source code I have found so far.
Android Binder, Thorsten Schreiber.  -  An article gives good introduction to Android Framework and its Inter-process Communication mechanism.
Open Courses:
Image and Video Processing, held by Duke  (Accomplished with Distinction)
Probabilistic Graphical Model, held by Standford

Introduction to Machine Learning, held by Stanford